Conference Issue: Icact 2018 Track Papers

International Conference on Advancements in Computing Technologies (ICACT 2018) on February 2nd & 3rd, 2018 for the Deptt. Of Computer Science - "Stella Maris College,Chennai, INDIA"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering


1. IRIS Recognition using hybrid Technique, Methods of Moment and K Means Algorithm  

Authors: M. Afifa Afreen, I. Diana Judith

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Image Segmentation: Using K-Means Algorithm and Threshold Method  

Authors: S. Bhavani Vijayalakshmi, I. Diana Judith

Page No.: 05 – 08


3. Security Enhancement Using DWT-LSB Technique on Image Steganography  

Authors: Bavani M., Charulatha A. R.

Page No.: 09 – 11


5. Color Image Compression with Image Enhancement using Discrete Cosine Transform  

Authors: Ambika Manohar, A Roselin Clara

Page No.: 16 – 19


7. Time and Energy Efficiency: A Comparative Study of Sorting Algorithms Implemented in C  

Authors: Deepthi.T, Birunda Antoinette Mary J

Page No.: 25 – 27


8. An Image Based Defogging Using Dark Channel  

Authors: Farheen Fathima, Pavithra V

Page No.: 28 – 30


9. An Overview of the Architecture for Developing an Extensible Personal Assistant Chatbot  

Authors: S. Geethanjali, Birunda Antoinette Mary J.

Page No.: 31 – 34


10. Performance Analysis of Iterative Thinning Methods using Zhang Suen and Stentiford Algorithm  

Authors: Fathima Haseena, Roseline Clara

Page No.: 35 – 37


11. A Survey on Various Leaf Identification Techniques for Medicinal Plants  

Authors: PL. Chithra, S. Janes Pushparani

Page No.: 38 – 42


12. A Survey of Smart Cities with future Internet of Things  

Authors: Dr. I. Lakshmi

Page No.: 43 – 54


13. Performance Analysis of Different Classification Methods in Data Mining  

Authors: Maria Nithi, Jeya Priya

Page No.: 55 – 58


14. Comparison of a Pleasant and Unpleasant Sound  

Authors: B. Nisha, Dr. S. Mercy Soruparani

Page No.: 59 – 64


15. Fingerprint Recognition Using Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: P. Nishanthini, Blessy Boaz

Page No.: 65 – 67


16. Predicting Cardiovascular Diseases Risk using Data Mining Techniques  

Authors: R Pavithra, V Pavithra

Page No.: 68 – 70


17. Predictive Analysis of Diabetes Using Bayesian Network and Naive Bayes Techniques  

Authors: K. Priyadarshini, Dr. I. Lakshmi

Page No.: 71 – 74


19. A Study on Intra-Prediction Mode Deciding Algorithms of HEVC  

Authors: Dr. PL. Chithra, A. Roselin Clara

Page No.: 78 – 84


20. Classification Model Using Random Forest and SVM to Predict Thyroid Disease  

Authors: Roshan Banu D, Sharmeli K C

Page No.: 85 – 87


21. Safe and Efficient Blood Donation - Hybrid Application connecting Hospitals, Blood Banks, and Donors  

Authors: Shivani Rajendrakumar, Vandhana Visakamurthy, Dr. A. Sheryl Oliver

Page No.: 88 – 90


22. Predictive Analytics on YouTube Videos Popularity using k-medoids Algorithm  

Authors: Sangeetha T. G. R, Renuka Devi. D

Page No.: 91 – 93


23. Super-Resolution on images: Directional Cubic Convolution Interpolation Approach  

Authors: Shameera Shirine M, Charulatha A R

Page No.: 94 – 98


24. An Analysis of Customer Retention and Car Insurance Claim using Supervised Learning  

Authors: Sushmitha. S. P, Renuka Devi D

Page No.: 99 – 103


25. An Underwater Image Dehazing Method using Dark Channel Prior  

Authors: P Swetha, Faustina Joan S P

Page No.: 104 – 109


26. Prediction of Loan Risk using Naive Bayes and Support Vector Machine  

Authors: Vimala S., Sharmili K. C.

Page No.: 110 – 113


27. iNeer: An IoT Based Efficient Water Management System  

Authors: N. Yazhini, Faustina Joan S P

Page No.: 114 – 116


28. Routing Protocols in MANET’s: A Survey  

Authors: Gowtham M, Aditya D N, Preetham C

Page No.: 117 – 122


29. Text to Speech Conversion of Documents Using Concatenative Speech Synthesis  

Authors: Radha N, Neharika.S

Page No.: 123 – 125


30. Embodied Conversational Agent-based Control Interfaces for Home Automation System  

Authors: Radha N, Nikita Vignesh Kumar

Page No.: 126 – 129


31. Automatic Gender Recognition using ANFIS  

Authors: Radha N, Malathy E. M, Jeya Aiswarya V

Page No.: 130 – 133


32. Multi-Objective Optimization for Clustering with Evolutionary Systems – A Review  

Authors: R. Abitha, S. Mary Vennila

Page No.: 134 – 138


33. Design of a Security Based Technique for Handling Secure SMS in Mobile Phones using Text Steganography  

Authors: Dr. Sumathy Kingslin, R. S. Dhanalakshmi

Page No.: 139 – 147