Conference Issue: Icatet 2018 Track Papers

4th International Conference on Advance Trends in Engineering and Technology ICATET on 19th – 20th January, 2018 for the Deptt. Of Electrical Engineering- "Arya 1st Old Campus (ACEIT), Kukas, Jaipur"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering


1. Corona Effects on EHV AC Transmission Lines  

Authors: Pushpendra Kumar Sharma, Kushagr Patwa, Ratan Kumar Srivastava

Page No.: 01 – 04


3. Cascaded Multilevel Inverter and Its Application in STATCOM with REGS  

Authors: Virendra Sharma, Lata Gidwani

Page No.: 12 – 16


4. Optimal Flow of Active Power with Pollution Control Using Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques  

Authors: Govind Deep Sen, Piyush Mathur, Vineet Kumar, Ratan Kumar Srivastava

Page No.: 17 – 23


5. Electrification of Rural Areas by Renewable Energy Sources-Small Hydro: A Review  

Authors: Virendra Sharma, Aditya Singh

Page No.: 24 – 28


6. Voltage SAG Mitigation Analysis  

Authors: Jinendra Rahul, Mukesh Maholiya, Rahul Parmar

Page No.: 29 – 32


7. Distributed Generation Integration Challenges: A Review  

Authors: Pankaj Gakhar, Dr. Manoj Gupta

Page No.: 33 – 40


8. Simulation Studies of Single Axis Elevated Solar Tracking System; At Different Angle Implemented on Simulink Platform  

Authors: Neeraj Tiwari, Dagur Krishna Shivsingh, Arun Singh Kashmir, Devesh Gotan

Page No.: 41 – 43


9. Analysis of Existing Losses of 220 kV Substation With Possible Suggestions Of Reduction  

Authors: Ashish Dandotia, Bhavesh Vyas, Surendra Kumar Khichar, Garima Tiwari

Page No.: 44 – 48


10. Switching Enhancement of Stepper Motor by using I.G.B.T:  

Authors: Bhavanesh Sharma, Aniket Kumar, Mohit Chouhan, Aditya Gupta, Himalaya Bhardwaj

Page No.: 49 – 52


11. Comparative Analysis of PID Tuning of AVR  

Authors: Piyush Mathur, Vikram Singh Rajpurohit, Ratan Kumar Srivastava

Page No.: 53 – 56


13. Utilities of Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE) Model of SVC and TCSC for Operation, Control, Planning & Protection of Power System Environments  

Authors: Bindeshwar Singh, Dr. S. P. Singh, Jaswant Singh, Krishan Kumar Singh, Shashank Dadhich

Page No.: 61 – 67


14. A Comprehsive Review on MPPT Techniques used for Photovotaic Energy Conversion System  

Authors: Dr. S. P. Singh, P. K. Gupta, Jaswant Singh, Ravindra Kumar, H. R. Gurjar

Page No.: 68 – 81


15. A Review on Control of a Brushless DC Motor Drive  

Authors: Dr. S. P. Singh, Krishna Kumar Singh, Dr. K. S. Verma, Jaswant Singh, Naveen Tiwari

Page No.: 82 – 97


16. Fault Diagnosis System for 3-Phase Induction Motor using Nature Inspires Tools  

Authors: Virendra Sharma, Harshita Soni, Keshav Goyal, Amit Tiwari

Page No.: 98 – 103


17. Study on the Performance of Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Different Substrate Material  

Authors: Pawan Kumar Punia, Nishant Agrawal, Harish Sharma

Page No.: 104 – 107


18. Modelling of Hybrid Solar/Wind Energy System for Rural, Remote and Hilly Areas in Rajasthan (India)  

Authors: Vikram Singh Bhati, Ravi Berwal, Balram Kasniya

Page No.: 108 – 112


19. Improvement in Voltage Profile in Self Excited Induction Generator using Fuzzy Logic  

Authors: Jaswant Singh, Pawan Kumar Yogi, Abhishek Kumar Chopra

Page No.: 113 – 117


20. A Novel Shape Patch Antenna for Wi-Max Band  

Authors: Priyanka Jain, Raghevendra Sharma, Vandana Vikas Thakre

Page No.: 118 – 121


21. Denoising of ECG Signals Using LMS Adaptive Filters  

Authors: Chhavi Saxena, Vivek Upadhayay, Dr. Rahul Srivastava, Dr. Hemant Kr. Gupta, Dr. Avinash Sharma

Page No.: 122 – 125


23. An Availability of Open Source Software for Engineering College Libraries  

Authors: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sengar

Page No.: 132 – 136


24. Security of Data with 3DES & Watermarking Algorithm  

Authors: Swati Singh, Sarita Soni

Page No.: 137 – 142


25. A Literature Review on Various Recent Steganography Techniques  

Authors: Anupriya Arya, Sarita Soni

Page No.: 143 – 149


26. Drone 2 Drone Communication: A Review  

Authors: Kamlesh Gautam, Vaibhav Sharma, Rahul Mishra

Page No.: 150 – 152


27. Aluminum Alloys Welding: A Review  

Authors: Ankur Dutt Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Page No.: 153 – 159


28. A Review Paper on Geo-Thermal Heat Exchanger  

Authors: O.P. Jakhar, Chandra Shekhar Sharma

Page No.: 160 – 163


29. Numerical Analysis of a Refrigeration System Using Different Nano Fluids by CFD Simulation  

Authors: Happa Khan, Mohd. Yunus Sheikh

Page No.: 164 – 167


30. Tool Forces Dynamometer for Shaper Machine  

Authors: Amit Kumar Malik, V K Gorana

Page No.: 168 – 172


31. Rudimetary Study of Intrinsic Gemfibrozil with B-Cyclodextrin  

Authors: Rumal Singh, Dr. Qurratulain

Page No.: 173 – 176


32. A Review on Micro-grid application  

Authors: Pravin Kumar, Bhavnesh Chandra Sharma

Page No.: 177 – 180


33. Control of Thermofluid Process using Event-based State Feedback Approach  

Authors: Kamini Goyal

Page No.: 181 – 185


34. Effect of hole size and plate thickness on natural frequency of isotropic annular Plate  

Authors: Rahul Singh, Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Page No.: 186 – 191


35. Remote Sensing in Earth Observation for Oil Spill Detection  

Authors: Ananta Kumar Das, Arunava Das, Anshuman Mondal

Page No.: 192 – 199


36. Performance Evaluation of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor Based Controller for Power System Damping  

Authors: Pawan Kumar Yogi , Ravi K. Ranjan, Annapurna Bhargava

Page No.: 200 – 204


37. A Literature Review on Speed Controlled Techniques of Induction Motor Drive  

Authors: Jaswant Singh, Vikash Kumar, Raja Kumar, Ranjeet Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Chopra

Page No.: 205 – 212