Conference Issue: Iceteas 19 Track Papers

2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Applied Science (ICETEAS - 2019)
15-16 January 2019
"Organized by: Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women (RCEW), Jaipur, Rajasthan."

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering


1. Smart Home Automation using IoT and Machine Learning  

Authors: Aakriti Singla, Anand Sharma

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Study of Position Based Greedy Routing algorithm with Interference in the MANET  

Authors: Ankur Goyal, Dr. Vivek Sharma

Page No.: 04 - 06


3. Novel Algorithm for Text Based Personality Classification  

Authors: Veena Parihar, Mr. Aishwary Kulshrestha

Page No.: 07 - 10


4. Deep Learning Feature Extraction for Handwritten Keyword Spotting in Historical Documents  

Authors: Varsha Thakur, Himani Sikarwar

Page No.: 11 – 15


5. Exploratory Study Big Data Security Analysis among SMB’s  

Authors: Mrs Sonal Saxena, Ms Neetu Kumari

Page No.: 16 – 22


6. Detection of Brain Tumor using Fuzzy Cluster Means and Neuro Fuzzy Technique  

Authors: Priya Gupta, Vineet Khanna

Page No.: 23 – 27


7. A MFCC based Novel approach of User Authentication in IOT  

Authors: Pooja Shree Singh, Vineet Khanna

Page No.: 28 – 33


8. Utility Based Cluster Head Selection Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Supriya Shakya

Page No.: 34 – 41


9. Self Organizing Secure WSN for IOT Implementation  

Authors: Surbhi Gehi, Roshan Jain

Page No.: 42 – 45


10. Enhanced Security Hybrid Communication For Complex Industrial Embedded System  

Authors: Ruchi Arya, Roshan Jain

Page No.: 46 – 51


12. Quad-Band EBG Integrated Monopole Fractal Antenna for Wearable Purpose  

Authors: Ritu Mathur, Ira Joshi

Page No.: 58 – 59


13. Study of Various High Speed and Low Power Divide-by 2/3 Prescalers  

Authors: Smita Purohit, Uma Nirmal

Page No.: 60 - 62


15. Short Term Power Production Forecasting in Smart Grid based on Hybrid Power Plant  

Authors: Sunidhi Kumari, Purva Sharma

Page No.: 69 – 77


17. Solution of Fractional Models by Using Adomian Decomposition Kamal Transform Method  

Authors: Rachana Khandelwal, Padama Kumawat

Page No.: 87 – 91