Conference Issue: Ncircst Track Papers

3rd International Conference on Innovative Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology (NCIRCST - 2018) "Organized by: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kongu Engineering College on 2nd March, 2018."

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering


1. Career Skills Enhancement with Ajax and JSON Data Exchange  

Authors: Cauvery Raja, Gowrishankari, Mohamed Abdul Ishaq

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Approaches of Key Management Schemes for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  

Authors: Mrs. J. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. K. Prabu

Page No.: 04 – 09


3. Performance Analysis of Breast Cancer Risk Prediction and Diagnosis  

Authors: M. Karthika, D. Deepika, R. Kanmani, Dr. K. Sangeetha

Page No.: 10– 13


4. Retire Away Essential Accuracy for Darkness Discovery and Elimination  

Authors: Gayathri. S, P. Nithya

Page No.: 14 – 19


5. SeCt-Cloud – Security Certificate Based Reliable and Confidential Data Storage in Cloud  

Authors: S. Balavinoth, N. Sathya Balaji

Page No.: 20– 24


6. Adaptive Routing Scheme for Energy Harvesting in WSN Based IOT Applications  

Authors: Mr. K. Sivakumar, Dr. V. Vasanthi

Page No.: 25 - 30


8. Cognitive Approach to Detect the Wormhole Attacks in MANET  

Authors: Nagendran.K, Manojee.K.S

Page No.: 37 – 40


9. Check in and Check Out Behavior of User and Point of Interest by Service Rating Prediction  

Authors: Dr. P.Vishnu Raja , Dr. K.Sangeetha and D.Deepa

Page No.: 41 – 44


10. Transmission of Relational Data Set for Stream Records by Multisecure Attribution  

Authors: Dr. Janani.V, Leelavathi. S, Lethraa Devi. M, Saranya. M

Page No.: 45 – 48


11. Trace-Mine (Return Product Management) Inventory Management  

Authors: Kelash Chand .M, Farook Hanif . S, Mrs. V. Auxila Osvin Nancy

Page No.: 49 – 53


12. A Comparative Analysis of Road Accident Data Using Dataclustering Techniques  

Authors: Bavya.A.S , Gayathri.R, Guhan.K

Page No.: 54 – 58


13. An Android Application for Tuition Finder  

Authors: V. Thangamani, N. Sangeetha, V. Vijayapoornima, M. K. Dharani

Page No.: 59 – 63


14. Product Aspect Ranking with Consumer Review Analysis and Topic Classification  

Authors: Bhuvanesh D, Brindha A, Dinesh Kumar S, Gowtham J

Page No.: 64 – 67


15. Reducing Radiation in Towers to Improve Green Environment  

Authors: Subbulakshmi. M, Royal Kalyani. K, Sarmika.M., Vithyaa M.

Page No.: 68 – 72


16. Customer Behaviour Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques  

Authors: K. S.Puujhitha, J. Priyadharshini, S. Poovendran, S. V. Kogilavani

Page No.: 73 – 79


17. Product Aspect Ranking with Consumer Review Analysis and Topic Classification  

Authors: D. Deepa, Dr. P.Vishnu Raja, Dr. K. Sangeetha

Page No.: 80 – 83


18. IOT Based ATM Monitoring  

Authors: R. Karthikeyan, M. S. Dhamodharan, M. Kumaran

Page No.: 84 – 88


19. A Study on Forecasting Mutual Fund Net Asset Value Using Neural Network Approach  

Authors: I. Jesibha Rani, Dr. S. Kumar Chandar

Page No.: 89 – 93


20. Discovery of Micrornas and Transcription Factors Co-Regulatory Modules by Integrating Multiple Types of Genomic Data  

Authors: Rohith Babu, I. Rakesh, Auxilia Osvin Nancy

Page No.: 94 – 102


21. Improving The Classification Of Social Tension Using Sentiment Analysis  

Authors: A. Raeshman Nisha, S. Sharmiya, P. B. Pushpanath, D. Deepa

Page No.: 103 – 105


22. A Real-Time Access Control of Patient Service in the Outpatient Clinic  

Authors: A. Prabhakaran, S. Mohan, P. J. Sathish Kumar

Page No.: 106 – 114


23. Prediction of Heart Diseases Risk through Frequent Itemsets in Data Mining  

Authors: Ramyasri M M, Renuka P, Rajeshkumar R, Kumaravel T

Page No.: 115 – 120


24. Smart Traffic System for Ambulance Using RFID and Internet of Things  

Authors: M. Agila, P. Karthikeyan, M. Arun Kumar

Page No.: 121 – 125


25. Efficient Image Mining in Crop Diseasesusing Svm Classification and K-Means with Colourcorrelogram  

Authors: Dr. K. Venkatasalam, Dr. P. Ramya

Page No.: 126 – 140


26. E-Campus Recruitment Application  

Authors: Ragavi R, Nalini T, MathanKumar T, Mohana Saranya S

Page No.: 141 – 146


27. Infant Monitoring System  

Authors: Mr. B. Bizu, C. Gokila, S. Birundha Devi, S. Ajith Kumar

Page No.: 147 – 150


28. IOT Based Smart Door Locks  

Authors: Dr. N. Krishnamoorthy, Kalaimagal. R, Gowri Shankar.S, Abdhul Asif.N.S

Page No.: 151 – 154


29. Mining Class Association Rule with Itemset Constraint Using Parallel Computing  

Authors: Vinothini. S, Vasanthaparkavi. P, Shubathra. S.

Page No.: 155 – 159


30. An Enhanced Routing Method And Average Energy Consumption Ratio For Using Manet  

Authors: Dr. K. Prabha, K. Nirmaladevi

Page No.: 160 – 166


31. Mining Human Activity Patterns from Smart Home for Healthcare Applications  

Authors: G. Nivetha, J. Pooja, P. Senthil

Page No.: 167 – 172


32. Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge  

Authors: D. Poorani, M. Rajanaveena, R. Priyadharshini, Vani Rajasekar

Page No.: 173 – 175


33. Automatic Plant Watering Control System Using Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things (IOT)  

Authors: Gnanaselvakumar, Gokulamanivel, Sathish kumar, Raman

Page No.: 176 - 176