Conference Issue: Rtvcn 2k18 Track Papers

RTVCN 2K18 2nd International Conference International Academic Conference on Innovation in Engineering & Technology (IACIET-2017)

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering


1. Mode Selection in Underlay Device to Device Communication  

Authors: Archana R Nair, Sindhu V

Page No.: 01 -06


2. A Leakage Compensation Design for SRAM  

Authors: Bhavya V A, Dr.Binesh

Page No.: 07 - 10


3. Smart Cart  

Authors: Paul Baiju Pynadath, Riya Paul, P Amana Zulfiquer, R Akhil, Aswathy N

Page No.: 11 - 15


4. Power Management in Content Centric Routing in Internet Of Things  

Authors: Anjanarani N, Ajay Kumar

Page No.: 16 - 20


5. Design Techniques used in Microstrip Quad-Band Bandpass Filter  

Authors: Sreelekshmi S, Dr.N.Hariharan

Page No.: 21 - 26


6. Binary Switch for Hybrid Beam Formers in Massive Mimo  

Authors: Sneha Sasi, Ms.Sindhu V

Page No.: 27 - 30


7. Energy Efficient Clustering Protocols In Wireless Sensor Netwo  

Authors: Reshma V R, Sreerag M

Page No.: 31 - 36


8. 5G Mobile Fronthaul Over Latency Optimized Optical Networks  

Authors: Anju Jose, Prasanth P.Menon

Page No.: 37 - 42


9. Survey on Linear Phase Reconfigurable Filters for Software defined Radio  

Authors: Hani mol A.A, Prameela B

Page No.: 43 - 47


10. An Optimized Radio over Fiber (Rof) Transceiver Design  

Authors: Jesslin George Koottala, Neethu Suman

Page No.: 48 - 52


11. A Review on Machine Learning Algorithms  

Authors: Sreehary P L, Manasi Sandeep, Sreelakshmi Sreekumar, Vignesh V, Divya V Chandran

Page No.: 53 - 56


12. Smart Wireless Braille  

Authors: Anoopa Benny, Chippy K.C, Devika R, Dinamol Johnson, Mr. Ajay Kumar

Page No.: 57 - 60


13. Smart Parking System  

Authors: Ann Teresa Joseph, Anna Paul, Gayathry S, Gifty Varghese, Anju Mary Joseph

Page No.: 61 - 64


14. Modified Slot Antenna for GPS/S band/ C band /WLAN  

Authors: K R Bharadwaj, Piyush Kumar S K, SarathMohanan , Shilpa Varghese, Sreerag M

Page No.: 65 - 69


15. Real Time Waste Segregation  

Authors: Ranjitha C, Sarga V, Sreelakshmi P K, Vishnu Suresh, Arya Paul

Page No.: 70 - 72


16. Programmable Gas Stove  

Authors: Arun S Nair, ChristyIdiculla Thomas, Jemimah Merin Saji, Neha Reji Joseph

Page No.: 73 - 78


17. Fod Detection And Fire Extinguisher  

Authors: Sreelakshmi.R, Revathy.M.Nair, Parvathy.E.I, Parvathy.E.I, Prajeesh.P.A

Page No.: 79 - 80


18. IoT enabled Air Quality Monitoring and Visualization System  

Authors: Akhil Joseph, Amila Ikbal, Anitta V J, Arjun R Krishnan, Neema M

Page No.: 81 - 84


19. A Survey On Massive MIMO Antennas For 5G Applications  

Authors: Raveena K R, Nanda Dantis, Parvathy P R, Vaidyanathan H, Meera Manikandan Nair

Page No.: 85 - 88


20. Green Backhauling Solutions for 5G HetNets  

Authors: Diyona K Mangalakadan, Divya.R

Page No.: 89 - 93


21. Sub threshold 8T SRAM Cell with Dynamic Feedback  

Authors: Athira M R, Anu Thankam George

Page No.: 94– 98