IOT Based Smart Agriculture And Soil Nutrient Detection System

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Akshay Badhe, Sandeep Kharadkar, Rushikesh Ware, Pratik Kamble, Prof. Shilpa Chavan


Development of agriculture using technology will be very much useful in cultivation. For a new agricultural area, without knowing or monitoring the important parameters of the soil, cultivation will be difficult and so the farmers suffer financial losses. This project provides a brief overview of the soil monitoring system using sensors. Various soil sensors are used to measure temperature, moisture and light, humidity and ph value. The information from the sensors in the soil is sent to the MCP3204 A/D converter then from A/D converter it send to the cloud through Raspberry pi. Finally we can see the information saved to cloud on mobile phone as well as laptop. On the basis of information we know which crop is suitable with given soil parameter. Thus this advanced technology helps the farmers to know the accurate parameters of the soil thus making the soil testing procedure easier.

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, A. B. S. K. R. W. P. K. P. S. C. (2018). IOT Based Smart Agriculture And Soil Nutrient Detection System. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(4), 774–777. Retrieved from