Sorting Technique- An Efficient Approach for Data Mining

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Jyoti Karlupia
Rohit Mahajan
Mohit Angurala


As the new data or updates are arriving constantly, it becomes very difficult to handle data in an efficient manner. Moreover, if data is not refreshed it will soon become of no use. Hence data should be updated on regular mode so that it do not obsolete in coming future. In traditional work several other approaches or methods like page ranking, i2mapreduce( that is extension of Map Reduce) were used to enhance performance and increase computation speed as well as run-time processing. But as we have seen the performance is not up to that level which is required in current environment. So, to overcome these drawbacks, in this paper sorting technique is proposed that can enhance mean value and overall performance.

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Karlupia , J., Mahajan , R., & Angurala , M. (2019). Sorting Technique- An Efficient Approach for Data Mining. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(1), 84 –. Retrieved from

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