A Study on Invisible Digital Image and Video Watermarking Techniques

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Farha Khan, M. Sarwar Raeen


Digital watermarking was introduced as a result of rapid advancement of networked multimedia systems. It had been developed to enforce copyright technologies for cover of copyright possession. This technology is first used for still images however recently they need been developed for different multimedia objects like audio, video etc. Watermarking, that belong to the information hiding field, has seen plenty of research interest. There's a lot of work begin conducted in numerous branches in this field. The image watermarking techniques might divide on the idea of domain like spatial domain or transform domain or on the basis of wavelets. The copyright protection, capacity, security, strength etc are a number of the necessary factors that are taken in account whereas the watermarking system is intended. This paper aims to produce a detailed survey of all watermarking techniques specially focuses on image watermarking types and its applications in today’s world.

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Farha Khan, M. Sarwar Raeen. (2019). A Study on Invisible Digital Image and Video Watermarking Techniques. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 5(1), 94–100. Retrieved from https://www.ijfrcsce.org/index.php/ijfrcsce/article/view/1947