Review of Framework of Microservices, Understanding Its Purpose, Benefits and Limitations

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Dr. Jatin Gupta


Microservices is the methodology which is used to develop applications by dividing the huge application into small components where each component will provide service which are called as microservices. This concept was introduced when it was discovered that by dividing the large application into small services will be easy to develop and customer will also have trust that the application is getting ready as it will be delivered in small microservice components and feedback will be accepted from the client. The advantage of developing the application in the form of microservices is that each service can be written in any language using any tool. Once a microservices is developed it can also be utilised for another project which will have similar functionality. Microservices with the help of cloud computing as well as containerization helps to develop the microservices faster than the development of the complete application development process. Each microservice will be independent of other components of the application being developed. For the communication between various interfaces of the application, microservices uses the concept of API. The paper will discuss the architecture of microservices along with the working mechanism. It will also discuss the  benefit and challenges of microservices concept.

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