A Survey on Caching in Distributed Small Cell Networks

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M. Venu Gopalachari


The exponential growth of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, coupled with proliferation of online social networks has considerably increased the traffic in cellular networks. In contrast to classical cellular traffic that was only based on voice and audio communications, the recent technologies have resulted in bandwidth-intensive services such as video streaming, and video conferencing increases the traffic among users. This traffic surge affects the capacity of existing wireless networks which makes it difficult to ensure the high quality-of-service (QoS) required by the cellular services. In order to handle with the limited capacity of existing cellular networks and keep up with the strict QoS requirements, in terms of data rate and delay tolerable application-specific delays, a new generation of wireless networks has emerged. To achieve the requirements of this new generation and provide efficient infrastructure support for this data deluge, several research challenges must be addressed and solved. In this paper a survey on literature about small cell networks in distributed environment is presented which focus on caching aspect to improve the performance. The related work for caching in distributed small cell networks is also presented.

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