Finding Shortest Path using Dijkstra in Live Traffic Simuation

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Ms. Nupur Tichkule, Prof. Amit Welekar


These days, a few online administrations give live activity information, for example, Google-Map, Navteq , INRIX Traffic Information Provider , and TomTom NV. Yet at the same time figuring the most limited way on live movement is enormous issue. This is critical for auto route as it helps drivers to decide. In displayed approach server will gather live activity data and afterward declare them over remote system. With this approach any number of customers can be included. This new approach called live movement file time dependant (LTI-TD) empowers drivers to upgrade their briefest way come about by accepting just a little division of the file. The current frameworks were infeasible to tackle the issue because of their restrictive upkeep time and extensive transmission overhead. LTI-TD is a novel answer for Online Shortest Path Computation on Time Dependent Network.

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, M. N. T. P. A. W. (2017). Finding Shortest Path using Dijkstra in Live Traffic Simuation. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 3(2), 04–07. Retrieved from

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