Comparative Analysis of Image Fusion using DWT, PCA and BBF

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Miss. Yashashri Katole, Prof. D. M. Sable


Now-a-days, medical image fusion is one of the upcoming fields which helps in easy diagnostics and helps to bring down the time gap between the diagnosis of the disease and the treatment. In Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI), anatomy and soft tissues are visible and it has high spatial resolution. In Computed Tomography (CT) images bony structures appears brighter. Analysis is done to determine the image fusion algorithm which is more suitable for clinical diagnosis. Analysis is also done on image quality assessment parameters of image fusion. Image fusion is of extraordinary significance in safeguard and data from various images of same scene. It has been reasoned that image fusion utilizing wavelets with larger amount of disintegration indicated better execution in a few measurements and in different measurements PCA demonstrated better execution. We also illustrate different results based on all three methodology and compare results based on time and quality of images using PSNR.

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