IOT based Security System for Auto Identifying Unlawful Activities using Biometric and Aadhar Card

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Brijesh Nayyar
Vishal Goar


In today’s era, where thefts are consecutively increasing, especially in banks, jewelry shops, stores, ATMs, etc, there is a need to either develop a new system or to improve the existing system, due to which the security in these areas can be enhanced. However, the traditional methods (CCTV cameras, alarm buttons) to handle the security issues in these areas are still available, but they have lots of limitations and drawbacks. So, in order to handle the security issues, this paper describes how the biometric and IoT (Internet of Things) techniques can greatly improve the existing traditional security system. Our proposed system uses biometric authentication using the fingerprint and iris pattern with the strength of IoT sensors, microcontroller and UIDAI aadhar server to enhance the security model and to cut the need of keeping extra employees in monitoring the security system.

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Nayyar, B. ., & Goar, V. . (2023). IOT based Security System for Auto Identifying Unlawful Activities using Biometric and Aadhar Card. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 9(1), 22–29. Retrieved from


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