A Survey on Algorithms on Animal Detection

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Monika Tanwar, Dr. Narpat Singh Shekhawat, Dr. Subhash Panwar


Animal attack on human is a very serious issue in urban areas near forests. Animal detection plays an important role in day to day life due to its impact on the human life directly or indirectly. In the area like an airport where the presence of any kind of animal is strictly restricted, animal detection tool can play an important role in such areas. Presence of wild animal near to the field or residential area, can be make harm to the human or field crops, here also animal detection or warning system can have important role for safety purpose. Application of this detection system in forests can help in counting of animal and safety of wild animal and human. Animal and vehicle collision is also a very important aspect in development in this direction, such problem serious for the life of human, wildlife deaths and economic losses. To address these serious challenges, experimental area can be equipped with this smart animal detection system (ADS) able to recognize dangerous animals (e.g., lion, elk, moose and cow), which passed from the scanning area and warn the people about the imminent accident. Image processing tools can help to develop the indication or warning system.

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