Analyzing User Behavior of Social Media

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Dev Raj


In recent time, analysis the user behavior from social media sites and applications plays a important role in current scenario. The users are people who are using social media sites and applications. To analyzing the behavior researcher deals with collecting data by opinions, identifying them. Classifying data according to the orientation of opinions and presenting their behavior from data. Analysis of behavior is an interesting job but it is also a very challenging procedure. Most of social media provides huge opinions on a particular product. The response/ opinions by user play a significant role in deciding the product�s future. These responses create positive or negative impact which plays a vital role in the field of e-commerce. It provides the useful result about product which have demands in the market or not, which is very useful for both customers as well as supplier of that product. In this paper researcher purposed some steps to analyze and express their views how social media data analyze market behavior for both company and customer.

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