Frequency Management Strategies for Local Power Generation Network

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Manish Kumar Saini, Rohtash Dhiman, Alok Nath Prasad, Rinku Kumar, Sunita Saini


This paper presents an intelligent load frequency control technique based on ANFIS controller which is capable to restore system frequency within small fraction of time. Frequency deviations in microgrid occur when the system supply is not sufficient to match the demand. Efforts are required to keep the frequency deviation within acceptable limit. Using vehicle-to-grid technology, where electric vehicles are used as energy storage elements for load frequency control in microgrid. For generating the control action to electric vehicles and energy sources in microgrid, type-2 ANFIS has been employed for quick frequency stabilization in the presence of load and source disturbances. Diesel generator and wind generator are DG sources considered in this paper and electric vehicles are used as energy storage element. Optimal power sharing among the different generating units and electric vehicles is achieved by ANFIS controller. Adaptive nature of ANFIS makes it more suitable and highly robust controller for a complex inter-connected system. Simulation results demonstrate that ANFIS controller is highly efficient as compared to PID controller, fuzzy logic controller, and interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller.

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, M. K. S. R. D. A. N. P. R. K. S. S. (2018). Frequency Management Strategies for Local Power Generation Network. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(2), 49–55. Retrieved from