Secure Communication in wise Homes using IoT

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B.Naveen Kumar, O. Narendra Reddy


The advancement of the Internet of Things has madeextraordinary progress in recent years in academic as well as industrial fields. There are quite a few wise home systems (WHSs) that have been developed by major companies to achieve home automation. However, the nature of wise homesinescapable raises security and privacy concerns. In this paper, we propose an improved energy-efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving com-munication protocol for the WHSs. In our proposed scheme, data transmissions within the WHS are secured by a symmetric encryption scheme with secret keys being generated by anarchicsystems. Meanwhile, we incorporate message authentication codes to our scheme to guarantee data integrity and authenticity. We also provide detailed security analysis and performance evaluation in comparison with our previous work in terms of computational complexity, memory cost, and communication overhead.

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