Management of the Power Output of Photovoltaic Array and Fuel Cell

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Ram Paul, Rajender Kr. Beniwal, Rinku Kumar, Akanksha Aggarwal


This paper comprises with the hybrid model of photovoltaic array (PV) and fuel cell (FC) for maximizing and managing the power generation in the system. In this model two different power sources had been used one is photovoltaic array and another one is fuel cell; both the sources are independent of their individual�s working and can be used as per their requirement. The output generated by photovoltaic array and fuel cell is connected to the Cuk converter which regulates the voltage and providing constant dc supply at the output end of Cuk converter. Use of fuel cell in the model helps to compensate the photovoltaic array output during night time or cloudy weather. If demand is less than power supply than surplus energy is used to generate hydrogen from pure water which get stored in storage tank for future generation in fuel cell. Controllers are used to reduce steady state error, harmonics and output impedances.

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