Color Image Enhancement via Combine Homomorphic Ratio and Histogram Equalization Approaches: Using Underwater Images as Illustrative Examples

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Artyom M. Grigoryan, Sos S. Agaian


The histogram is one of the important characteristics of grayscale images, and the histogram equalization is effective method of image enhancement. When processing color images in models, such as the RGB model, the histogram equalization can be applied for each color component and, then, a new color image is composed from processed components. This is a traditional way of processing color images, which does not preserve the existent relation or correlation between colors at each pixel. In this work, a new model of color image enhancement is proposed, by preserving the ratios of colors at all pixels after processing the image. This model is described for the color histogram equalization (HE) and examples of application on color images are given. Our preliminary results show that the application of the model with the HE can be effectively used for enhancing color images, including underwater images. Intensive computer simulations show that for single underwater image enhancement, the presented method increases the image contrast and brightness and indicates a good natural appearance and relatively genuine color.

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