Feminist Perspective in Shashi Deshpande's That Long Silence

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M. Deepa
Mrs. R.Visalakshi


Deshpande writes about the condition of women and their failures in the rapid life changing socio economic background of India. Her portrayal of women’s world is genuine, pragmatic and realistic as she presents the middle class women in her novels and writes about silent, sobbing women, mothers, grand-mothers, aunts, sisters, grand-aunts, daughters and a whole lot of women.Usually considering the dawn of culture, has been a struggle to unconstrained women from male oppression. The time before the movement of speaking or writing, work by the women authors has been undervalued because of some patriarchal assumption. Which woman affects the in justices and meted to the special category. Then literature experiences are notified that the woman chances and their preference guide which ever supportive. Basic women raise always economic social and cultural are fulfillment of in history.The novel are well research try to and long silenceamong maintain the writer paint of them.The true spirit of feminism is into look at women and men as human beings. There should not be a gender bias or prejudice in familial and social and cultural life. Establishing justice and gender equity is the key aspects of feminist movement.The mechanical and artificial love is significant where gender discrimination exists in family environment. Jaya could break her silence after the support of Kamat but decides to keep silence and surrender. Violence is not the solution to the problems, to bring a change one has to wait and to be optimistic. Feminist movement advocates the equal rights and equal opportunities for women.

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