Assessment of Work Pedestal on RSA in Text Cryptographic System

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Aashish Panwar
Dr. Sunita Chaudhary
Dr. Amit Sanghi


Cryptography is a Greek word, crypto signifies ‘hidden or covered up’ and graphy means ‘study’. The conversion of plain text to cipher text is called as encryption and changing the cipher text to plain text is called as decryption. Cryptographic algorithm further divides in symmetric cryptography and asymmetric cryptography. Symmetric cryptography has only one key for both encryption and decryption, this key is called as secret key or private key. Asymmetric cryptography has two keys, one key is used for encryption this key is called public key and other key is used for decryption this key is called as private key. In this paper, we survey on the customized advance of RSA by using manifold of public keys and prime numbers. This algorithm is providing more secure communication over the network of text files.

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