Design of Telemonitoring Medical Record of Cardiac Arrhythmia Patients Based on RFID and WEB

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Febriyansyah Ramadhan
Wahyu Kusuma Raharja


Heartbeat detection for arthytmia sufferers repeatedly done to maximum result monitoring. All this time, arrhythmia is still diagnosed by doctors by using paper graph of Electrocardiography (ECG). Then the patient visits the doctor regularly to check. In this research aims to build telemonitoring medical records that can know and identify arrhythmias in case of abnormalities in the heart, so doctors can monitor heart abnormalities through the website. In this research, monitoring patients with arrhythmias based on the identity of patients who have been enrolled. The RFID that has been administered by the patient serves as the patient's identity at the time of cardiac arrhythmia detection. System building software is with the PHP programming language for the website, Wireshark to identify the delay of sending data to the web page and Sql to build the database. The average time required for the sending of the results of arrhythmia detection is 429 milliseconds. The system has been built can display on the web page in the form of cardiac arrhythmia detection and timing verification as well as know the identity of patients based on RFID.

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