Analysis & Detection of Primary & Secondary Glaucoma – A Brief Survey

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Fazlulla Khan
Dr. Ashok Kusagur


This paper gives a brief review about the glaucoma eye disease detection so that any person who is working on the similar disease would get a small idea so that he / she can get some idea about the disease in the human eye. In fact to say, the paper can be thought of as an introductory paper about the Glaucoma. A number of researchers have worked on the static & dynamic mobile WSNs till date (both at the simulation level & at the hardware implementation levels). To start with, 100’s of research papers were collected from various sources, studied @ length & breadth and a brief review of the eye disease issues was being made & presented here in a nutshell. In the sense, the recent works done by various authors across the globe is being presented here in this context so that this review article serves as the base for any researcher who is working in the field of ophthalmology.

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