Identification of Malicious Node for Effective Top-k Query Processing in MANETS

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H. Swathi
Dr. Akhil Khare


In Mobile Ad-hoc networks, query processing is optimized using Top-k query processing. The accuracy of the results can be lowered if there exists malicious node. In our proposed system, we assume that malicious node perform Data Replacement Attack, in which the malicious node replaces necessary data sets with the false data sets. In our system malicious node identification method, the query issuing node receives the reply messages from the nodes; if a query-issuing node detects a DRA then it performs subsequent inquiries with the nodes which receive the information from the malicious node. In this way the query issuing node identifies the malicious node, and shares the information with the neighbouring nodes. Then the nodes share the information regarding the malicious node with the other nodes which are far away. Each node tends to identify the malicious node in the network, and then floods the information. Query issuing node performs grouping of the nodes based on the similarity of the information on malicious node detected by the nodes. Identification of malicious node is performed based on the results of malicious node identifications by these groups.

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