Design of Static Segment Adder for Approximating Computing Applications

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T. Gopalakrishnan
A. Nithya
R. Mohan
B. Sudha


The digital VLSI design needs to attain high performance with desired reliability range. The high performance involves low power, area efficiency and high speed. This paper proposes a design of High speed energy efficient static segment adder (SSA) to enhance the overall performance based on approximation technique. Static segmentation includes both accurate and inaccurate part. The normal full adder performs accurate part and the carry select adder is used for inaccurate part. By using static segmentation the approximate computation is done. Approximate computing is a computation which generates “good enough” result rather than totally accurate result. Image processing is accomplished using SSA design. In this process 99.4% whole computational accuracy for 16 bit addition and also for 8 bit addition can be achieved.

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