Experimental Evaluation and Performance of Window Air Conditioner by Using Pre-Cooled Air in Condenser

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Payal. G. Chauhan
Hardik Patel


Reduction of energy consumption is a major concern in the vapor compression refrigeration cycle especially in the area with very hot weather conditions (about 50 ºC), where window-air conditioners are usually used to cool homes. Research programs in order to improve the performance of window-air-conditioners by enhancing heat transfer rate in the condenser. In this system air is cooled outside the window air conditioner, and this cold air is fed over the condenser tubes. After to this greater amount of heat rejected from refrigerant vapor and low condensation pressure is obtained, which in turn increase Coefficient of performance (COP) of air conditioner. Air is pre-cooled in a device, in which atmospheric air is directly contact with water which comes from top of the device in fine droplets. Due to contact between air-water, air is cooled and passes to air conditioner. Practical performance shows that, by this arrangement reduces power consumption and improving performance of air-conditioner.

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