Design and Simulation of Control strategies for Voltage Source PWM Rectifier

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Prof. N. D. Mehta
Dr. A. M. Haque


Power Electronics is defined as branch of science, engineering and technology which deals with Power Electronics Modulators (PEM) in which efficient conversion, conditioning, processing, controlling and modulating the flow of large electric power using Solid State Power Semiconductor Device (SSPSD) in order to supply high quality power to the load which causes minimum pollution of physical characteristics of electric power with regulating stability and response characteristics of the closed loop system and its application. Diode rectified circuit and thyristor rectifiers circuit are widely used in the conventional rectifier circuit, but the problems arising during operating should not be ignored, such as, harmonic problems and low power factor. These problems may do harm to the grid, which in turn cause a series consequences, therefore, the application of such rectifier will be limited. With the continuous development of PWM technology people pay attention to the PWM rectifier gradually. The paper first analyzes the mathematical model of three-phase voltage-source PWM rectifier and then introduces double closed-loop control of voltage and current system, in which the active and reactive power can be controlled independently. PWM rectifier control system is built based on the DSP2812 after modeling and simulating in MATLAB / SIMULINK environment. The result shows that the system has the characteristic of good anti-interference performance and fast dynamic response.

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