A Literature Survey on the Cryptographic Encryption Algorithms for Secured Data Communication

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Sreeparna Chakrabarti
Dr. G. N. K. Suresh Babu


Security has become a buzzword over the current years. As per Wikipedia, 55.1% of global population has internet access (June 2018). Hence, it is obvious that huge volume of data is exchanged among the users over the internet. As a result, everybody is worried about data security while transmission of any confidential data. In this proposed paper, several cryptographic algorithms are discussed based on concepts of encryption and decryption. Cryptography algorithms provide the mechanisms necessary to implement accountability, accuracy and confidentiality in secured communication. This is further preceded with the widespread adoption of secure protocols such as secure Internet Protocol and virtual private networks. Efficient cryptographic processing, therefore, will become increasingly vital to good system improvement results. Cryptographic algorithms provide many key building block for network security related services. Cyber attacks (intrusion) were up 44% globally during Q1 2018, and the speed of attacks continues to increase exponentially. 75% of organizations have experienced a breach, but only 25–35% believes they are equipped to deal with these intrusions effectively.

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