Study the Steps of Improving the Boiler Efficiency using Combustion Air and its Requirements

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Neeraj Kumar Jaiswal
Dr. R. K.Tiwari


Air pre-heater and economizer are warm move surfaces in which air temperature and water temperature are raised by exchanging heat from other media, for example, flue gas. Hot air is important for fast ignition in the heater and furthermore to dry coal in processing plants. So a fundamental evaporator frill which fills this need is air pre-heater. The air pre-heater isn't required for task of steam generator, however they are utilized where an investigation of expense demonstrates that cash can be spared or effective ignition can be acquired by their utilization. The choice for its appropriation can be made when the budgetary points of interest is weighed against the capital expense of heater. The effectiveness of the boiler increments with the expansion in the temperature of the combustion air utilized in the furnace. This is accomplished by the expanded temperature of the vent gas noticeable all around preheater and economizer zone. This paper manages the diverse approaches to acquire the maximum heat from the flue gas going through the air preheater and the economizer zone to enhance the boiler ability. [1].

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