Implementation of Multivariate Authentication Protocol (MAP) for Side Channel Attack Detection

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Allwin D
G Suganthi


Cloud Computing offers an extensive variety of resources like computational power, computational storage and applications to clients by means of internet. Cloud Computing is empowering IT administrators to deliver resources to the users quicker in a great flexible way and at a cost effective model without having to restructuring or updating the basic infrastructure. With the expanding number of organizations falling back on utilize resources in the Cloud, there is a need for ensuring the security of the data of the clients using the cloud resources. The major challenged faced by cloud data centers to ensure security to its clients. According to the side channel attack the data privacy of the user is violated by observing the operation of the deduplication in the storage server of cloud, so this attack will easily allow the malicious user to access the data. The major contribution of this paper is to address the serious security issues related to side channel attacks. This paper proposes the design of a Multivariate Authentication Protocol (MAP) protocol against side channel attacks.

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