Denoising of Locally Received NOAA images for Remote Sensing Applications

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K. Sateesh Kumar
Dr. G. Sreenivasulu


Remote Sensing means capturing images of earth’s surface using satellites. Remote Sensing finds its applications in agriculture sector, climate studies, forest fire detection, pollution monitoring and oceanography etc. In this paper, NOAA images are considered as Remote Sensing images. NOAA images are directly received by using L Band antenna, located at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh state, India. The received NOAA images are denoised using spatial and frequency domain denoising techniques with modified soft thresholding. The proposed thresholding technique preserves the green content of the image even after denoising by which accuracy of outcome can be increased in remote sensing applications. Comparison of the performance is done to prove that the proposed techniques are better than existing methods.

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