Parallelism between Advaitic Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics to Reveal the Unity Immanent in the Entire Creation

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Ms. Iti Dayal


Physical Sciences carry out their investigations to expand the domain of knowledge, vision and make human life comfortable; on the other side Philosophy, in Indian context, strives to seek knowledge in order to elevate the state of Human Consciousness.Both Philosophy and Physical Sciences are the intellectual activities to seek the nature of Reality.The in-depth analysis ofMatter, since ages, have finally resulted in the denial of Matter with the emergence of Quantum Physics.Quantum mechanics has revealed the wave nature of Universe and now it is accepted that universe is neither a material body nor it has material structure. Matter is the most condensed state of energy. Universe is the flow of energy as Waves in different directions. TheWave is not an individuated entity separable from medium but a pattern imposed upon the activity of medium.Physics explains the duality and mutual conversion of Matter and Energy with the help of massless God’s Particle, likewise Metaphysics of Advaitic Vedanta counters the duality of Consciousness and energy with its Doctrine of Maya.The doctrine of Maya harmonises all contradictions regarding eternity and non – eternity, unity and diversity, determinacy and indeterminacy, reality and appearance. We find a sort of conformity in the Theories of Contemporary Quantum Physicists such as ‘Veiled Reality and Hypercosmic God’ and ‘Holomovement and Implicate Order’, with that of the Advaitic Metaphysics of ‘Pure Conscious and Entirely Blissful Brahma’ and ‘Maya’ respectively in revealing the interconnectedness and inseparability lying beneath the diverse and fragmented appearance of World.

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