Review of Watermarking and Color Image Retrieval

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Piyusha Narayan Chaudhari
Kanchan Subhash Bhagat
Dr. J. P. Chaudhari


The development of information technology and network technology is increasing rapidly. In network technology, multimedia communication applications are used in various formats such as text, image, audio and video. These formats are spreading very fast over the internet without any security and they can be easily copied by anyone without any prior protection and their feature can be easily copied. Nowadays the copyright infringement and piracy become very serious problem. Because of this problem, watermarking technology is used to protect the color image. In a recent year, several watermarking techniques are available such as spatial watermarking technique and frequency based watermarking technique. Frequency watermarking technique is used to differentiate the transformation of the wave and the discrete cosine transformation but transform watermarking techniques cannot provide adequate protection of image or data. This provides a weak answer to the problem of geometrical attack such as noise attack, rotation attack and translation attack. Therefore the use of spatial watermarking technique is recommended through the use of least significant bits, patch work and coding to reduce the problem of geometrical attack. This technique is comparatively simple. It can survive simple operations such as cutting and adding noise. In this document, we propose the watermark scheme based on spatial domain for color images. This scheme uses the Sobel and Canny edge detection methods to determine border information of the Luminance and chrominance components of the color image.

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