The Design of Traceability System for Exporting of Thailand’s OTOP Products

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Rataphol Sangkhasuk
Isaree Srikun
Supakit Sodsie


This research aims to study an exporting pattern of Thailand’s community enterprises (OTOP product), prototyping an appropriate traceability system of the product in Thailand community enterprise and create the manual of traceability system for community. This research use method in Participatory Action Research (PAR), The system development consist of Thai entrepreneurs who export to abroad, merchant middle man/ export company and abroad customer . The process is based on SDLC standard process. The result of this research is a model of the product exporting from community enterprises, which can be divided into 2 approaches: (1) exports through export company and (2) exports through merchant middleman; also a prototype of product traceability system was developed for Thailand’s community enterprises. The web-based system consists of 6 sections, there are (1) information traceability page, (2) member system, (3) product addition system, (4) label printing system, (5) register system for entrepreneur and (6) super admin system. In this research, the development of product label that supporting for the traceability system also achieved. The satisfaction of users overall satisfaction level is 4.41 of 5 in the good level and the standard deviation is 0.08. The Manual book of traceability system for community products was also created, the satisfaction of users overall satisfaction level is 4.35 of 5 in the good level and the standard deviation is 0.34.

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