An Overview On Web Scraping Techniques And Tools

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Anand V. Saurkar, Kedar G. Pathare, Shweta A. Gode


From the evolution of WWW, the scenario of internet user and data exchange is fastly changes. As common people join the internet and start to use it, lots of new techniques are promoted to boost up the network. At the same time, to enhance computers and network facility new technologies were introduces which results into automatically decreasing in cost of hardware and website�s related costs. Due to all these changes, large number of users are joined and use the internet facilities. Daily use of internet cose in to a tremendous data is available on internet. Business, academician, researchers all are share their advertisements, information on internet so that they can be connected to people fastly and easily. As a result of exchange, share and store data on internet, a new problem is arise that how to handle such data overload and how the user will get or access the best information in least efforts. To solve this issues, researcher spotout new technique called Web Scraping. Web scraping is very imperative technique which is used to generate structured data on the basis of available unstructured data on the web. Scaping generated structured data then stored in central database and analyze in spreadsheets. Traditional copy-and-paste, Text grapping and regular expression matching, HTTP programming, HTML parsing, DOM parsing, Webscraping software, Vertical aggregation platforms, Semantic annotation recognizing and Computer vision web-page analyzers are some of the common techniques used for data scraping. Previously most user uses the common copy-pest technique for gathering and analyzing data on the internet, but it is a tedious technique where lot of data copied by the user and store on computer files. As compared to this technique web scraping software is easiest scraping technique. Now a days, there are lots of software are available in the market for web scraping. Our paper is focused on the overview on the information extraction technique i.e. web scraping, different techniques of web scraping and some of the recent tools used for a web scraping.

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