Security Issues of Virtualization Techniques & Challenges in the Cloud Computing Environments

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Jemal Ayderus Sheik Omer


Cloud computing environment is a modern that is relating the present time  developing and based on the current news information Technology methods that is increase application quality that obsolete be developed  and to make better changesin terms of functioning, and able to an original resource management and collaborative execution approach. In the middle of part of cloud computing is virtualization which enables industry or products using machines or academic Information Technology resources into one side other side on demand allocation are always or changing energy or emotion. The resources having not the same kinds forms such as network, virtualization, server, storage capacity, application and client.  This article attention is focused as on how virtualization helps to improve and upgrade adaptable of the resources in cloud computing environment.  The act or processing of joining to, this paper gives particular facts and the review of source virtualization techniques, challenges and future research direction and instructions.

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