Data embedded by LSB and Image Decomposition by DWT with Optimization using PSO in Image Steganography

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Krishna Suthar
Prof. Riddhi Patel


In this paper, data embedding in image using the wavelet approach technique with least significant bit(LSB). Optimization technique (PSO) for which locations our data can embed. In Discrete Wavelet Transform, haar Wavelet form used for image Steganography. Sample data is taken from our library dataset. Dataset can we take in text format which are want to keep secure and embed in cover image. For DWT haar wavelet form is apply on cover image to 1-level Decomposition. At the 1-level decomposed image size is depend on original image size. Particle swarm optimization is obtained by training of particles applied on input cover image. Group of particles called as a population. Particles are find best values locations, after all iterations as a output we get final locations on cover image where our information can hide. Data is embedded in the corresponding locations on image using LSB.

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