Design Simulation of Multilevel Neutral Point Clamped Inverter System for Solar Photovoltaic Applications

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Dharmveer Suman, Bharat Bhushan Jain


This paper presents design and simulation of Neutral Point Clamped multi-level inverter system connected to a solar photovoltaic system. The design of multilevel inverter is based on neutral point clamped topology. The improved space vector pulse width modulation enables better performance and output of the system in both qualitative as well as quantitative factor. The system is connected to solar photovoltaic system and the output is realized in the form of voltage and current from the output of inverter. In the present research the system is analyzed for high power application of the solar photovoltaic system. Simulation is done on MATLAB Simulink platform. The output obtained have shown promising and efficient result after the application of proposed topology.

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