A Comprehensive Analysis on Solar PV Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques

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Virender Saini, Dr. Javed Khan Bhutto, Mr. Mohammed Sharif


In this paper, electrical power is generated from solar energy using Solar PV cell. The system is designed with 1- KW PV module and connected with DC/DC converters with DC load.There are two main drawbacks with PV plants, the high cost of PV cells and their conversion efficiency. In the I-V characteristics of PV module which is non-linear but has a unique maximum power point. To increase or to maximize the output power of photo-voltaic system Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques are used. These techniques give maximum output power, irrespective of the irradiation condition, temperature and load electrical characteristics. For the purpose of tracking the maximum power the MPPT techniques use some electronic converters. This paper presents comparative analysis of two well-known maximum power point tracking algorithms- perturb-and- observe (P&O), and Fuzzy Logic Control Technique (FLC) are utilized with DC-DC Buck-Boost converters to observe various output response like power and voltage and comparisons between the controlling techniques using FLC and P&O for Solar PV system which provides a convenient choice of right technique for DC micro grid system and find out the efficiency of the converter.

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