Achieving Energy Efficiency Using Fuzzy Logic-Based Cluster Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Mrs. Uma Sihag, Dr.Sunita Chaudhary


Now a days Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) [1, 2] is an emerging and challenging aspect in the field of communication research. It is a type of infrastructure-less wireless networks, which have the capability of self-configuration. These nodes are deployed for environmental data collection by measuring different environmental condition like moisture, pressure and temperature etc. The nodes are working continuous or waiting for event happening to send information. Energy consumption is a major issue in WSN. In this thesis, our proposed approach Fuzzy Based Energy Efficient Clustering in which cluster head is selected based on the distance to BS, remaining energy of node and node density. The non-head nodes join with the cluster head node based on the distance to CH, remaining energy of CH and CH density. The simulation results show that the proposed approach gives better performance than that of LEACH in terms of energy consumption and lifetime of the network for first node death and half of node death.

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