Human Rights- Business Management Prospective (A study about working conditions for employees in Sikar)

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Dr. Surjeet Kumar


Human rights are basic rights and freedoms that protect us all. They are based on dignity, fairness, equality and respect. Businesses have a significant impact on the way we live our life and enjoy these human rights, whether it's as an employee, a customer or simply living alongside companies that share our cities and towns. When people think of human rights abuses associated with bu siness activities they may think of sweatshops in different part of our country where child labour and unsafe working conditions are commonplace especially in Sikar district. Clearly, in Sikar, companies do need to pay close attention to their supply chains but businesses can affect people's human rights in more subtle ways. Companies with an online presence will need to make sure that they respect people's right to privacy and uphold data protection laws, care home providers need to treat the people they look after with dignity and respect and all businesses have an obligation to ensure safe working conditions for their staff.

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