Secure Multilevel Data Authentication System in Cloud Environment

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M. Suuny Kousik Reddy, Dr. K. Venkata Ramanaiah


Dynamic Proof of Storage is a useful cryptographic primitive that enables a user to check the integrity of outsourced files and to efficiently update the files in a cloud server. Though researchers have planned several dynamic PoS schemes in single user environments, the matter in multi-user environments has not been investigated sufficiently. A sensible multi-user cloud storage system wants the secure client-side cross-user de-duplication technique, that permits a user to skip the uploading method and procure the possession of the files now, once alternative house owners of an equivalent files have uploaded them to the cloud server. To the simplest of our data, none of the present dynamic PoS will support this system. during this paper, we have a tendency to introduce the conception of de-duplicatable dynamic proof of storage associated propose an economical construction referred to as DeyPoS, to realize dynamic PoS and secure cross-user duplication, at the same time. Considering the challenges of structure diversity and personal tag generation, we have a tendency to exploit a unique tool referred to as Homomorphic Authenticated Tree (HAT). We have a tendency to prove the protection of our construction, and therefore the theoretical analysis and experimental results show that our construction is economical in follow.

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