A Review on Secure Access to Cloud Storage by using ABE

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Dinesh Kumar Malviya, Manoj Lipton, Dr. Ravi Verma


Cloud computing is going to be very famous technology in IT enterprises. For an enterprise, the data stored is huge and it is very precious. All tasks are performed through networks. Hence, it becomes very important to have the secured use of data. In cloud computing, the most important concerns of security are data security and privacy. For access control, being one of the classic research topics, many schemes have been proposed and implemented. In this paper, various schemes for encryption that consist of Attribute based encryption (ABE) and its types KP-ABE, CP-ABE is explored. Public Key Encryption acts as the basic technique for ABE where it provides one to many encryptions, here, the private key of users & the cipher-text both rely on attributes such that, when the set of the attributes of users key matches set of attributes of cipher-text with its corresponding access policy, only then decryption is possible.

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