Internet of Things Based Smart Agriculture and Applications

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T. Venkat Narayana Rao, Harshini Upender, Ayitham Divya, M Jyothi Priya


Introduction of internet of things brought many changes in different fields like medical, transportation etc. Advancement of this technology has become one of the major advantages to live a happy and smart life. And due to the recent climatic conditions which are rapidly changing, it has become difficult for the farmer to use the regular practice. Mainly agriculture includes farming and cattle management, this paper discuss about few applications that result in effective farming and efficient cattle management. This paper gives a brief idea to the reader about hardware components that can be implemented in agricultural practices. The main intention of this paper is to convert traditional agriculture to smart agriculture by implementing various applications like smart irrigation system, livestock monitoring system, smart greenhouses and agricultural drones. In all, the applications discussed in this paper include the information collected by these systems are sent as alerts or Short Messaging Services (SMS) to the farmers. It also narrates , why we need smart agriculture and what are different applications to be implemented in one’s farm.

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