A Proposal towards Detection of Sybil Attack Using Sink Based Detection Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Pushpinder Kaur, Anil Jaswal


Recent advances in wireless and electronic communications have enabled the deployment of low-cost, low-cost, low-power, multi-function sensors and communicate in a nutshell. Intelligent and economical sensors, connected to the network via wireless links and distributed in large quantities, offer unprecedented opportunities to monitor and control homes, cities and the environment. In addition, sensors connected to the network use a wide range of applications within the defence area, generating new features for recognition and surveillance and various tactical applications. Sybil is one of the most terrible attacks is the cloning attack of the node, where the attacker captures the knot and extracts its secret information, create replicas and enter them in the network field other malevolent behaviour. In this paper, to detect and mitigate this attack, sink-based detection schemes have been proposed.

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