Image Contrast Enhancement with Brightness preserving using Curvelet Transform and Multilayer Perceptron

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Mr. Vinod Todwal, Ms. Jyoti


Image Improvement Techniques Are Veryuseful In Our Daily Routine. In The Field Ofimage Enhancement Histogram Equalizationis A Very Powerful, Effective And Simplemethod. But In Histogram Equalizationmethod The Brightness Will Disturb Whileprocessing. Original Image Brightnessshould Be Kept In The Processed Image. Soimage Contrast Must Be Enhanced Withoutchanging Brightness Of Input Image. In Ourproposed Method Of Image Contrastenhancement With Brightness Preservingusing Curvelet Transform And Multilayerperceptron We Will Solve This Problem Andget Better Result Than Existing Methods.Results Are Compared On The Basis Of Twoimportant Parameter For Image Quality Suchas Absolute Mean Brightness Error (Ambe)And Peak Signal To Noise Ratio (Psnr).

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