Novel Approach using Robust Routing Protocol in Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Network with Network Simulator 2: A Review

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Neeru Singh, Vijay Nandal


In recent year wireless sensor network has been an emerging technology and promising technology in unveiling the riddle of the marine life and other underwater applications. As it is a permutation of computation, sensing and communication. In the 70% of the earth a huge amount of unexploited resources lies covered by oceans. To coordinate interact and share information among themselves to carry out sensing and monitoring function underwater sensor network consists number of various sensors and autonomous underwater vehicles deployed underwater. The two most fundamental problems in underwater sensor network are sensing coverage and network connectivity. The coverage problem reflects how well a sensor network is tracked or monitored by sensors. An underwater wireless sensor networks is the emerging field that is having the challenges in each field such as the deployment of nodes, routing, floating movement of sensors etc. This paper is concerned about the underwater acoustic wireless sensor network of routing protocol applications and UW-ASNs deployments for monitoring and control of underwater domains.

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