Introduction, time and compositions of Acharya Ugraditya

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Dr. Manit Sharma, Dr. B. L. Sethi


The testimony existing in Mysore Archeological Report 1922 proves that, the disciple of Shri Nandi, who was a complete scholar of Ayurveda, Ugraditacharya is the author of most ancient, main and important Grinth of medical importance “The Kalyan Karaka Grinth”. Ugraditacharya was contemporary of the Rashtrakuta King “Amoghvasha I and Calukya King Kali Vishnuvardhana V. A resident of Telengana having abode at Ramgiri hills of district called Ramtirtha or Ramkod, where he composed “Kalyankaraka” while sitting in Jinalaya in late eighth century.

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