Defeating Jamming Attack in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks using Puzzle Based Hashing Technique

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T.Aruna, R.Anandha Jothi, V.Palanisamy


The growth of wireless technologies, jamming in wireless sensor network is a major problem in network communication. Jamming attacks is a denial of service (DoS) attack in network to block legitimate communication. Wireless networks drop multiple security threats. Transceiver can intrude on wireless transmissions under cryptographic methods. In jamming, the message is transmitted as continuous transmission of high signals. These strategies have many disadvantages. We have to increase the energy of jam frequency and easy to detect attacks. Normal anti-jamming techniques depend on spread-spectrum communications. This technique is used to secure only wireless transmission. To deeply understand this above problem, we need to analyze in detailed manner. Finally we discuss open issues in this network, such as energy efficient saving scheme, packet classification and packet dropping.

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