A Wireless Driving Cycle Test Observation Method for Electric Vehicles

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Berk Bilgin, Nurhan Turker Tokan, Mustafa Simsek, Hakan Pasa Partal


In the course of the ongoing debate about the limited availability of fossil fuels and environmental impact of internal combustion engine powered vehicles, battery electric vehicles have been receiving increasing attention as an eco-friendly alternative. With the increase of the vehicles with smart units, it can be ensured that the vehicles communicate with the environment and other vehicles. This study focuses on the combination of two major trends, electric vehicles and vehicle to everything communications technology. On the Controller Area Network communication line of the vehicle, a gateway is physically implemented to transmit and receive the necessary signals of the vehicle wirelessly. Another gateway is located at a certain distance from the vehicle and allows the vehicle to be monitored in real time in driving cycles defined in EU regulations.

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